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Block! Hexa Puzzle, created by BitMango, known as the creator of the popular Roll the Ball app, is a slide Tetris-style puzzle game that will instantly catch your attention.


If you were a fan of Candy Crush Saga or Tetris you will love this puzzle game that consists of basically connecting the Hexa blocks to fit the frame. With a countless amount of levels, Block Hexa puzzle can be enjoyed online or offline, here and there, while waiting for the forever-late friend, on the fly or slowly over hours of leisure.

Simple drag and drop one touch gameplay is the basic thing that you need to know when starting off with this game. The goal of the game is to fit small block pieces into a given shape, which shape is different on every level. There are 14 different modes made of 80 puzzles each, and as you might guess, as your progress in the game the levels are going to be more difficult and addictive. No worries, there aren’t time limits, so you can take as much time as you need to think of the right move, and if you happen to get stuck you can always tap to receive hints. However, if you want to master this game, try to play it without using any hints.

Great for beginners

Block Hexa Puzzle is highly praised for being easy to pick up and manages to stimulate your brain without exhausting it. There is absolutely nothing complicated about this game. The game is made in such way that it isn’t intimidating, but challenging. There is that familiar rewarding feeling with every solved puzzle that makes this game pleasurable for all ages. The rules are very simple and easy to learn, meaning that you will progress in the game very quickly. There are tons of unique levels that you can finish easily and quickly. However, mastering this game doesn’t come that easily. It will take you much time and effort, but no matter how hard the game may get, it never feels frustrating.

About The App

Block Hexa Puzzle game is an addictive puzzle game that will get your brain going while offering you endless fun! The sounds in this game give a relaxing feel and the beautiful visuals only add up to the smooth design of the app. It has a very gentle learning curve to suit different types of gamers and it’s just pure fun.

Enjoy the game anytime, anywhere. No wifi?- No problem! You can play this game offline. It’s free to play, so don’t waste your time, download it and try to put everything into its proper place in Block! Hexa Puzzle. Not only those who enjoy employing their puzzle-solving skills, but everyone should give this game a go.


-Awesome game, brings me back in time and reminds me of Tetris. It’s like modern and upgraded Tetris. It’s great that you can play it offline too.

Ervin Dupre

-Very easy to play, the controls are very smooth and the graphics are good for the eye. My favorite time killer game!

Maria Ciesielski

-This is a game for all ages. I play it with my husband and kids and we all compete together. I like how challenging the game gets when you have passed certain amount of levels. I will definitely continue to play it.

Nathaniel Barcia

-This is such a fun game with great features. Plus, there are no time limits, so you can be relaxed and enjoy it. Downloading worthy.

Elton Haslett

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