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You might have heard of Bubble Witch Saga which is popular match-three type puzzle game coming from King.com Limited which is a major breakthrough on the online gaming scene. Expect a lot, especially knowing that it’s the same developer that created Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga.


The game is called Bubble Witch Saga and it boasts 4.8 million daily players on Facebook. Join the large fun base and help Luna, Selma and Hazel defend the country from the dark spirits that are plaguing the country. Invite and play with your friends and see who scores best!

The gameplay consists of shooting bubbles from the witch cauldron at the bottom of the screen toward bubbles of the same colors at the ceiling. If you successfully combine three or more bubbles of the same color they will be removed from the screen and if you are not doing it exactly the way you should, the bubbles will be pushed on the top of the screen down by one line.

In order to clear up a level you have to free up nine of the uppermost slots and send all the remaining bubbles to the floor. On their way down they bounce an array of spiders before landing in smaller cauldrons labeled with different point awards. The more spiders you have generated, the more likely they will multiply your score. You will need at least one star to move on to the next level.

Easy To Play, Difficult To Master

Don’t let Bubble Witch Saga fool you. It’s a simplistic game, but you will most definitely need a certain strategy to be successful in the game. You will get limited amount of bubbles, meaning that every move you make must be thought through and every shot must be perfectly placed. Ask yourself: “What shot will clear the most orbs?” and “What move will get you the most points?”

About The App

Overall, Bubble Witch Saga is a nice blend of simplistic, yet addictive gameplay. It’s a great balance of skill and luck and there is a plenty of compulsive fun to be found. The visuals in the game are colorful and cartoony and the animations flow very smoothly. Everything is bright and crispy and good for the eye. The background music matches the style with cherry pops, fun music and whimsical sound effects.

This is a game that you can download and play for free. To help you, Bubble Witch Saga offers in-app purchases.  You can use real money to keep playing if you run out of lives, or buy power-ups, coins and items. However, if spending money is not your thing, you can log into your Facebook account and get free lives there. Don’t worry even the commercialism in this game isn’t nearly as aggressive as it is in other games.


I just switched from Candy Crush to this one. So funny, great characters, great visuals and I can’t stop playing it!

Tracy Marko

-Easy to pick up, great levels that get more and more difficult, interesting story line. All in all, great game and recommended for every match-three puzzle game fan.

Vince Rohrbach

-My favorite matching puzzle game. The rules are very simple, it’s easy to start playing the game, but it still requires a certain strategy. Thumbs up!

Carol Mccrae

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