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The developers of the game, King made sure that Candy Crush Saga has fiendishly addictive gameplay and a tendency to hobble the player by only allowing certain moves. In its sequel, Candy Crash Soda Saga, the developers found even more ways to keep the players glued to the game. Does this game live up to the expectations? Let’s see below.


The gameplay is quite similar to the original, with some new twists that make the game different. As soon as you start the game you will have to deal with popping soda bottles that you will need to match with similarly colored candies in order to get the level of soda you need and reach the top of the game board. You will still score by making matches of three or more candy pieces, is just that this time there are levels where you will be required to float “bubble bears” and take them all the way to the top of the screen by matching up pop bottles and saturating the game board, and by that we mean a combination of pop, candy and gummy bears. There will also be levels where you will need to clear the game board of chocolate, free those bears from honey traps and cheap them out of ice blocks. Power-ups are still there to help you overcome the difficult levels, but keep in mind that if you run out of free ones and still want more, you will need to purchase them.

Why is it so popular?

Candy Crush Soda Saga is a marvel of refinement. The whole game has been crafted in such a manner that is so enjoyable and pleasurable, with every graphical element being so colorful and a real candy for the eye, with constant praise and positive feedback when you are doing well, and even the music is perfectly synchronized with the game. This is the game that people play while waiting at the subway and King even tapped the London Symphony Orchestra to do the background music! This just goes to show that this is a highly polished game with an incredible amount of thought put into every detail.

About The App

If all of the above didn’t get your attention, then what will?! Don’t dismiss this game as just another “match-three puzzle game”, but give Soda Saga a fair shake because it deserves. Simply put, it’s an incredible game and once you give it a chance, you won’t let go. It’s also free to download and play, so everything seems to be screaming out: “”Download me!”


-Quite similar to the original, it just feels more fresher. It does get you addicted, just like Candy Crush. I play it every day and I just can’t stop.

Jerry Liverman

-Great upgraded version of the original. Very good visuals, very enjoyable game, with music that just gets stuck in your head. Try it out!

Anton Lucas

-It’s an incredible game that you instantly get addicted to. I don’t know if it’s the vibrant colors, the fun gameplay or whatever it is, but this game gets stuck under your skin.

Armand Reaves

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