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If you enjoy cooking games, Cooking fever is your basic, Diner-Dash style food management game that has you cooking an enormous variety of dishes in themed restaurants around the world.


It’s similar to games such as Hotdog Bush and Diner Dash, but what makes it different is that there are hundreds of dishes to prepare. Feast your eyes on the beautifully created items and get hungry for more.

Start off your career as a basic fast food worker serving burgers and drinks and as the game progresses make more complicated dishes with customers coming more quickly. There aren’t only ingredients and dishes to prepare, but other items as well, including chairs, tables, locations and kitchen appliances.

There are several levels to complete in each stage and in each level you can earn maximum of 3 stars. The good news is that you can go back to the levels you have already unlocked and repeat those levels if you didn’t get all of the 3 stars.

The complexity and challenge of this game can be seen through the appearance and branding, convenience and entertainment that are fields that you will have to work on also.

Game Currencies

There are two currencies in Cooking fever: money and gems. Collect money from your open restaurants and work very hard to earn Cooking fever premium currency – gems. You will get two gems each day with logging in, but you will definitely need a lot more to unlock of the content of the game and

While other cooking games could make you feel that the game gets repetitive after a short period of time, Cooking fever is something that you could be playing for a long time considering the huge amount of items that you can unlock and new more coming for the updates.


The visuals have enough of that fantasy slant so at to boost its entertainment value. The game has vibrant colors that are soothing for the eyes. The upbeat background music and the sound FX combined with the customer tempo that communicates the general mood at the counter, add appeal to the game making it almost real to believe that the pie is burning.

One of the unique features of this game is the spot-on translation of customer moods in facial expressions and body language, providing you the hints where to focus your upgrades in the future.

Cooking fever is a fast-paced game that every cooking fan would love. With a simple game play, you will quickly get addicted and scratch that time management itch. This game is addicting and as engrossing as fever! It’s free to download, so don’t waste time or hesitate before you press the “Downolad” button! You can also share your delicious meals with your Facebook friends.


As a fan of cooking games, I have to say this is my favorite one! I love how it’s not only about food, but it’s also about the appearance and branding of your restaurant. So well thought and designed!

Alyson Pichon

-Well, it certainly is great for anyone thinking about opening a restaurant because it involves everything in the process: cooking, designing, marketing. Such a great game on so many levels. You have to download it!

Kandis Tinoco

-Even though I am not a fan of cooking, this game is my definition for fun. It’s amusing, it’s challenging, it has that Dinner Dash style. I love every part of it!

Katia Heather

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