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Dragon Revolt is a mobile MMORPG set in a fantasy universe where everything revolves around the war between two kingdoms: The Lothelan Empire and The Ashitar Blood Aliance. They both fight to dominate the world, and with six races and three different classes to choose from, this is a strategic and fast-paced game that will keep you on your toes.


Dragon Revolt’s gameplay is very dynamic with a lot of interesting and unique features. Players start off the game by choosing one of the two different factions that are at war with each other: The Rosseland Empire and Asta Blood League, with each faction having three different classic MMORPG classes for you to choose from. Players have the option of becoming a cleric with healing powers, a mage with magical powers or a powerful barbarian warrior. Each class has six available skills, but you can only equip four at a time, so some forethought will need to be put into what skills are the most useful for you. There is also a class customization depending on the player’s preference by equipping skill runes and assigning points throughout talent trees.

You will meet a lot of bosses as you travel through the Universe and some of them, namely Dragons, won’t give up without a fight and your strength alone won’t be enough to tame those powerful beasts. You will need to party up with other players of different classes to take full advantage of a diverse party. Assemble your party and engage in epic dungeon explorations.


Dragon Revolt is the latest generation of Snail Games’ iconic MMORPGs’ that will amaze you with incredible new techniques and a fresh, revolutionary artistic design. The dazzlingly detailed GI effects, the 3D map that is done perfectly and the stunning graphics are the result of many years of innovative and creative work of the developers. Bringing a uniquely fresh take on a beloved genre, Dragon Revolt is raising the standards for what a mobile game can do!

The Final Verdict

The excitement of slaying dragons is brought to you on the palm of your hand and it’s up to you to handle it all. Don’t be afraid of the dungeons and the massive draconian beasts. Instead, take the challenge and try out this mobile fantasy game developed by Snail Games that is getting more and more fans from all over the world. With an interesting gameplay, a grand back story and dynamic 3D graphics, Dragon Revolt seems to be the perfect MMORPG game. Don’t miss out and download and play this game for free.


-It has new techniques and incredible artistic design. A revolutionary game in many aspects. Check out this game and see it for yourself. It is that good!

Phil Manns

-I am amazed how different and progressive this game. The graphics are above every level and the gameplay is so dynamic. You have to got to see this beauty of a game!

Jae Gatts

-Absolutely amazing. Definitely the best graphics I have ever seen in game. Everything is so different and new: the gameplay, the features and the overall look of the game.

Nicky Sherwin

-I just found my new favorite game and it is this one. I have no words to describe how fresh and new this game is. I love every bit of it.

Joesph Tena


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