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South Korean developer Ekkorr released Endless Frontier last year and since then it’s been getting more and more fans from every corner of the world. That comes as no surprise considering the interesting mixture of RPG and idle tropes combined with a back-story featuring a plucky hero called Erin fighting against the Prince of Darkness in an endless war between the good and evil.


Rally the troops against the hordes and prepare for battle! This is an idle RPG that unlike typical idle games has much more to offer to you than you can imagine.

This endless frontier won’t require you to take a single sword as your job will be to upgrade your warriors with the gold and gems gained from their autoquesting. As your warriors progress through levels that get more and more difficult you will be swapping units around, kicking butts and unlocking new ones. There are four different types of characters that you can unlock: humans, the undead, elves and orcs. Heroes number over 150 and they all have unique skills and powers, so it’s up to you to make the right choice. You won’t be alone either, there are over 50 pets that will guide you and help you in your quest, so make sure your monster training skills are top notch. In addition, over hundred types of warrior units with tons of different abilities are waiting for your command.

The “Idle role playing game” means that this amazing autoquest with thrilling battles will take you over 900 stages and countless battle scenarios. You can build up your warriors and knights with an endless supply of power levels, health and magic abilities. The inflation tapping gameplay also offers you to level up your army of knights without any limitations and revive yourself in order to stop the Prince of Darkness.

Raiding Not Alone

Endless Frontier has few features that you wouldn’t normally expect to see in an incremental game like this. The Player vs. Player mode enables you to test your heroes mettle in an arena against other players where you will battle to be the best. There is also a guild system, which means that you can join forces with other players to take on the forces of evil, or even rival guilds. All of this may sound like typical characteristics of a RPG game, but a rarity in an idle game like this.

About The App

This is our idea of idle gaming heaven so we strongly recommend you try out this game. Endless Frontier is easily one of the best idle RPG games and one of the most popular for sure. The visuals are at the highest level, the controls work perfectly and the overall gaming experience is truly satisfying. It’s enjoyable and fun and like no other game you’ve ever played before. It’s free to download and play, so wait no more and engage yourself in a game that will leave you breathless.


Full of action and excitement. Many different heroes you can choose from. My favorite idle RPG game ever!

Ezra Gorgone

-One of the best idle RPG games. The PvP mode is great and the Guild system also works perfectly. You have to give this game a go!

Parker Pettis

-Every fan of action games should try this one because it’s definitely the best idle RPG game at the moment. Perfect controls, great visuals, unique features – this game has it all.

Omer Aldrich

Cutest game ever! I can’t stop looking at the screen and all that beautiful scenery. Great match three game with awesome visuals. Highly recommending it!

Wilburn Schlager

-This game has so many great features, that you feel like you are constantly being shown something new. The difficulty of the levels is perfect for anyone and the whole aquarium theme goes along just perfect.

Wilburn Schlager

-Not your typical match three puzzle game. Aquariums, cute little fishes, you can even decorate! I play it every day and I am amazed how great this game is!

Dannie Nace


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