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Farm Heroes Saga is a social puzzle game from the newly-rebranded developer King and the game takes very heavy cues from the well-established puzzle game mechanics. This game will appeal to fans of match-three games considering that the basic idea of the game is to match lines of three or more of the same fruit. It’s time to get a little bit of fresh air and healthy food down on the farm.


You play through Farm Heroes Saga as a farmer who is in the company of very cute and friendly animals, such as goggles-wearing pig and a dog outfitted with galoshes. The gameplay is as simple as it gets: combine fruit of the same type a gridded game board and that way make them disappear, causing objects above it to drop down into the space that has been made. This is a barnyard-themed game, so naturally you will be matching up fruits and vegetables, along with the occasional barnyard animal. The vicious raccoon named Rancid is a threat to your farm and it’s up to you to stop him with some match-3 magic. Touch and slide to move a piece one space in any direction with the aim to match three or more of the same type in a row. Keeping with the genre, if you manage to match four or five of the same type at once, you will be rewarded. As you do this you will progress in more than 100 levels full of strawberries, carrots, apples and other typical arm goods.

Easy to Play

Farm Heroes Saga is extremely simple to get the hang of, even if you have never played a match-three puzzle games before. In addition, you will be introduced with various types of gameplay concepts as you play. Even the youngest and inexperienced audiences would have little trouble picking up and playing the game. Just to be clear, even if the controls and the rules of the game are very simple, Farm Heroes Saga is by no means a pushover. As you move through the hundreds of levels you will find yourself surrounded with a large number of items to harvest in an increasingly shorter number of moves.

About The App

When it comes to the visuals, Farm Heroes Saga leaves the impression that is has been coated in levels of syrup with color levels turned up to the maximum. The graphics are very colorful and accompanied by an upbeat soundtrack that overall makes this game very appealing for the eyes and the ears. One of the best parts of the game is the large community of players taking part in it, meaning that you can always find friends to share your gaming experience with. It’s cute, it’s highly addictive and you will definitely want to give Farm Heroes Saga a try.


I have always been a fan of match three puzzle games and I have tried almost all of them. I have to say this one is one of the best. The gameplay, the visuals, the large community of players – everything this game has to offer is on point!

Anton Trotman

This is a candy for the eye! Those fruits and little animals are just too cute! It’s not only the visuals, but the levels that gradually get more and more difficult will get you addicted to this game. Download it now!

Genia Defeo

This is the game that I play while waiting at the metro station, while I am waiting for my kids at the car, I even sneak out and play it while I am at work. I am that much addicted! Love it!

Arica Bailer

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