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Coming from developer Playrix, Fishdom is a new match-three game that has players fixing up exotic aquariums, and don’t worry you don’t need to get your hands dirty. Fishdom wears an intriguing aquarium mechanic and it comes out the gate masquerading as a cute little aquarium sim.


The basic gameplay is incredibly familiar meaning that you are required to match up a variety of aquatic objects to form lines of three or more. You do that by clicking on adjacent pieces to swap them around, and make matches over the golden tiles to collect them. You will earn points for longer combos and a selection of power-ups will help you clear grids of the golden objective block in order to move on to the next level. The most powerful power up is the lightening bonus which you can earn if you use 7 explosives on a game level.

In the right corner you will see three gauges measuring the progress of your tank. Once you fill up all the three gauges for fish, beauty and comfort, you will be awarded with a bronze trophy. The bronze trophy will help you to unlock a new tank, but you can continue to add to your original tank until you are awarded with silver and gold trophies. There is a time limit and the stage layouts get more and more complex, but you will get there! These puzzles are usually solved with the combination of luck and perseverance.

Get Creative!

After passing each level you will be granted with a cash reward and a time bonus based on how quickly you completed the level. There is also a score bonus based on the number of matches that were made. Once you have earned some cash you can be creative and design your own personal aquarium. There is an assortment of aquatic creatures such as exotic fish and seahorses and decorative items like plants, seashells and sculptures. As you progress in the game there will be more and more items to choose from.

About The App

Fishdom is easy to play and a well-implemented game. It’s an excellent game for any age group. Similar to Cradle of Rome and Cradle of Persia, Fishdom is a fusion of match three and a light building simulation. The visuals are captivating with gorgeous animations and friendly faced sea animals. It not only looks great but it also sounds well, making this a perfect game for those who are into virtual environments. The game is free to play, with some in-game items that can be purchased for real money. The developers of this game also made sure that you don’t go berserk if your internet connection goes off. You can play this game offline too!


I have been playing Yahtzee for all my life and when I saw that I can play it on my phone I was overjoyed. I prefer to play it online because there are so many players available at any time. Recommending it to everyone.

Lisa M.

Hands down, my all time favorite game. An all time classic game with great visuals. The developers have made an amazing job with this game!

Christopher N.

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