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The developers of Hyper Heroes, 90KM Limited describe the game as “marble-like” RPG, which seems to be a fair description of this game. Select a team of up to four players and go into battle with your fantasy monsters by click-and-dragging. Hyper Heroes is popular among many gamers around the world and there are many reasons for that. Get ready to tap, swipe and sling your heroes! This is a game that definitely offers a new perception of the gaming world.


The enemies are all around and the heroes can’t do anything without your assistance. This is a game designed for heroes to showcase their ability and fighting tactics. The first thing you need to do is collect heroes. Choose wisely and go for the ones that will be helpful and will be able to obey every bit of your command. The heroes have many powerful spells and incredible abilities. What’s most important is that they are all different and unique, so plan your moves and adjust your formations to overcome your enemies. Basically, the gameplay consists of holding your finger over your screen when it’s your turn and pull them like a shot against your enemy.  The fluid animated heroes will make this gaming experience even more realistic. The gameplay is very smooth and flexible and makes the game easy to play, without the need of tutorial.

You can also compete with your friends and challenge them. Compare your scores and see who the best player is. Playing with your friends will only make the game more exciting, meaning the social impact of this game is something that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Aim Right!

One of the things that will determine your progress in this game is your aiming ability. Having tons of great heroes that you can choose from is an excellent asset, but that won’t be very helpful unless you aim right. Your aiming ability must be excellent if you want to be victorious. Having a proper line up and calculating and predicting your next moves and the consequences of those moves is also a must. That is the most challenging part of the game. Once you place the wrong line up, having great heroes won’t mean a thing, for you will be quickly done. It takes a lot of patience and hard work, but you will get there! This game is worth it!

About The App

Hyper Heroes bravely opens up a new era by resurrecting the marble like RPG style. Although there are some other RPG style games such as Final Fantasy, this one does offer a unique feel and proved to be the best in this genre. It’s free to download to and play, it’s fun and addicting, so don’t wait and press that “Download” button.


-Fast paced, fun and exciting game. I love the team of four players and I always compete with my friends.

Valerie S.

My favorite game! As a fan of battle and action games, Hyper Heroes is the best one for me. I get to collect heroes with unique features and then test them on the battlefield. Love it and recommending it to everyone.

Harold C.

Great visuals, great features, overall a very satisfying game. It keeps me on my toes I also improved my aiming ability while playing it.

Jesse A.

My all time favorite game! RPG style game that’s made perfect! I love the intensity of the battles! I am sharing with my friends!

Chriss B.

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