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Idle Heroes is a much-anticipated game coming from developer DHGames that lets you go forth in a journey to fight off the evil darkness. Gather your band of heroes and fight against the forces of darkness, wisely choose the hero that compliments your strategy and gameplay style, with each hero having unique skills and abilities.


When it comes to the gameplay, you will have an amazing experience. The Idle system of the game makes it possible to set your heroes training while you are away. You don’t have to be on your phone and watch their progress, when you log into the game after a while, you will see that your heroes have gained new abilities and became stronger. Idle Heroes is no short when it comes to heroes. There are over 200 heroes with specific skills which you can train or convert them into spirit material for evolving. Having higher level heroes will make you progress in the game in multiple ways. For instance, the campaign where you get more money as you get further in it, the tower of oblivion where you can earn rewards and the brave trial where you face 15 opponents, and depending on your success you earn certain rewards.  In addition, the game is very easy to learn and play because it offers so many interesting features that make the game very versatile.

Guild Wars and PvP

In Idle Heroes you can join multiplayer guild boss-battles and fight alongside your friends. Can you make your way to the global leadboards? Also, the PvP is system is quite good, so If you are more of PvP fan you will love the excitement and fast paced battles. The game also features and auto-battle system.

About the App

Idle Heroes is pretty straightforward and we are praising the game for it because a good game doesn’t have to be complicated. You will be surprised how easily you will be engaged in the game, considering how many features it offers. Millions of players from every corner of the world are taking an epic journey from Sara Forest to High Heaven, leading their heroes into battles against vicious enemies. This fun action packed auto RPG made a huge impact on the gaming scene and with over millions of downloads it’s one the most downloaded games on Play Store. Don’t wait, download the game for free and see for yourself how and addicting this game can be!


Great idle system that lets me leave my phone and train my heroes while I am away doing other things. Nice graphics and cool storyline. You have to download it!

Jefferey Hebert

-Best idle system that I have seen in a game. It saves you time and it just works perfectly. Plus there are so many heroes you can choose from. I love this game!

Otis Thai

-The multiplayer battles are very good and the pvp battles are fast paced and run very smooth. So many heroes with unique skills. Overall, Idle Heroes is a great game!

Logan Stretch

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