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King of Avalon is a strategy game based on Arthurian legend where players battle to fill the empty throne. In this game developed by FunPlus, you can conquer the kingdom with the help of you alliances, train dragons and build the ultimate empire while you climb to the top.


King of Avalon is a mobile 2D real-time strategy game set in the land of Arthurian legend during the aftermath of King’s Arthur death. As the Lord of your castle you are tasked with various economy, military, defensive and research structures. Building them is a standard affair depending on the building and the level you are upgrading it to. To do this you will need resources such as food, wood, iron and silver which you can gather from your city as well as from other locations in the kingdom.

In this global player-versus-player game you can fight over powerful bases in each kingdom and dominate other player’s headquarters, but also come to your allies when they are under attack. Hatching a dragon and training it in order to become a weapon of mass destruction is one of the key elements of this game. You can customize its skills and equipment to suit your needs.

To get the maximum of this game, it is recommended that you participate in an alliance. That way you can work with other players from around the world and grow a bigger empire, not only in numbers but also through constructing buildings and sharing resources.

The game offers a great in-game chat feature giving the players the opportunity to communicate and form strategies together.

The Story

The story and the gameplay blend perfectly and that way players are given a great purpose to play. This is not like the ordinary, random strategy games that are so common these days. It’s a fresh breathe of air that offers a lot of different approaches to build your kingdom. In the hours of continuous gameplay, there is always something new to look on to every time you log in.

About The App

King of Avalon works very well and has been very well optimized for multiple devices across both iOS and Android platform. With stunning HD graphics, this game is a perfect way to get the best of your high-end phone. It offers probably one of the best graphics in this type of games. The background music is also a great touch to the game and the sound feels like borderline exquisite for a game like this. Keep in mind that the great graphics and sounds might consume a little bit more battery.
This game is free to download and play and there is an option to purchase some items with real money. However, if you are not interested in spending money on items, you can disable the in-app purchases in your devices settings.


I love how the game is based on the Arthurian Legend, so many historical references, I feel like I am learning history through gaming. The graphics are awesome and the music is outstanding. Great game!

Bryan Than

-Great game, unlike many strategies it has a unique story line and the HD graphics are just stunning. You have to give this game a try! Highly recommended!

Leonel Sepeda

-I love the player-versus-player mode and the Alliance feature makes this game a true masterpiece. It’s my favorite strategy game and I play it every day!

Issac Joshi

-I am addicted to this game. Everything is done so nicely. The game features, the plot, the PvP and especially the visuals. Recommending it!

Newton Cabral

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