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Join million of players all over the world that have already discovered one of the best action games on mobile and it is called Legacy of Discord.

Gameplay of Legacy of Discord  

In Legacy of Discord you will be able to choose one of the three gender-locked classes with distinct abilities: a female Sorceress, a male Berserker, or a male Bladedancer and use them for merciless and brutal attacks and combos. This game is all about upgrading – acquire Wraithwings to unlock special stats and attributes for your main character and that way gain stat boosts. There will also be campaign quests where you can earn gold and experience, such as Boss Challenges and story quests. Be cooperative and work with a team of five players in 5v5 PvP and take part of the large scale PvP battles that are free for all. Be the last man standing and show everybody that you have the most powerful hero. No worries, you won’t be alone, there is even a pet that will assist you in battles and it’s up to you to change its appearance and combat abilities. Another interesting feature is the gear which you can collect and improve through Enhancement, Fusion and Refinement. The glorious Guild Wars are the place where you will have to defend the honor of your Guild. Beware, the Guild Wars are intense and fast-paced and the win conditions are either most points in a certain time period or complete annihilation.


Among the many outstanding key elements of this game, the stunning visuals are definitely  something that’s worth mentioning. You will feel chills down your spine as you find yourself in the middle of battles thanks to the 3D graphics and special attacks that will make you feel like you are really there, in the middle of the battle. The sound effects only complete the picture and add to the overall great visual experience. The game is fast-paced and the animations are fluid making the combat seem even more furious. The characters are highly detailed with interesting and unique features making them look even more powerful.

About The App

Legacy of Discord is a free-to-play fully 3D MMORPG that’s worth downloading. It has a special game engine built in to maximize performance on mobile. The touch controls are very smooth and the game is fully functional on any device. Download this proclaimed action game that will keep you tied to your phone and will make you feel the real power of action!


Great action game with PvP battles all the time. Fast-paced and exciting game. I play it every day with my friends. Definitely worth downloading.

Daniel Heft

-Every fan of action games should try this. Such a thrilling and fun game with great characters! Awesome graphics!

Drew Heesch

-Perfect game where it’s not only about action, but about upgrading your characters. I love the fast-paced battles and the controls are very smooth. You have to try it!

Tony Routh

-Great game that works perfectly on mobile devices. Great interface, great characters, everything is on point.

Myron Saiki

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