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Arnold Schwarzenegger as a character in a Mobile Strike? Hell yeah! Who doesn’t want to be in the place of the famous Terminator, at least in a game! Don’t worry, developers Machine Zone have thought of that and created a great game called Mobile Strike.


You might be familiar with the gameplay of Mobile Strike if you have played Game of War-Fire Age before. It does include everything you could expect from a mobile strategy game: base building, troop management, forming alliances and everything else that a war requires from you. Build and defend a variety of structures because that will get you to the top of the ranking boards. One of the key elements of this game is leveling up your commander and using his talents and skills to win the war. This means that Mobile Strike sets itself apart from other strategy MMO’s mostly by its commander and equipment crafting systems that will get you to the next level and customize and equip your hero. Utilize materials and convert them into a variety of weapons.

As you already know, having allies in a MMO is always a good thing, so choosing the right ones will help you succeed in the game. You will be able to communicate with other players because of the in-game translation system that allows instant communication. The world chat will have your text automatically translated into your language of choice. Players can send each other private messages and can post on one’s another profiles.

Is It Worth It?

If you are into strategy games where you build an army and unleash it towards your enemies then this is the right one for you. It will steal your time and battery, but it will let you take over the world. This is a game that aims at ending all world wars. All the hype is worth it!

About the app

Overall, Mobile Strike is a great strategy game where actual communication with people is one of the greatest assets you might have. You won’t be disappointed with the visuals either. This is an elite game that lives up to the expectations. The world’s biggest military MMO is waiting for you! Download and play this game for free and engage in brutal combat where you command massive armies, all with the help of good old Arnold Schwarzenegger. How cool is that?!


Great strategy games with awesome features. I love the in-game translation system that automatically translates your messages. Great visuals also.

Steven M.

I am a diehard fan of the Terminator, so when I first saw this game I knew I had to download it. I love every bit of it. The characters, the story line, everything is just perfect!

Gregory H.

Definitely different than other MMO games. I love leveling up your commander is the key element of the game. Definitely recommending it to everyone into strategy games.

Ricardo A.

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