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Panda Pop, the sequel to SGN’s biggest Panda Jam puzzling hit is having a major breakthrough on the gaming scene. Since the game comes from SGN, the leading independent developer, you can be sure that this game offers endless fun.


This is your chance to become masters in the art of freeing your panda companions. Panda Pop is a fun and casual game, and if you love panda bears you will be instantly drawn to it! Those little baby pandas are just too adorable not to save them!

The goal of the game is very simple: strategically burst matching bubbles to help beat an evil baboon and return the cubs to their worried mother. As the game begins, the players are given 35 bubbles to help the desperate Mama panda that only wants to save her baby pandas. In the true bubble popping games fashion, a color vine will clear when all bubbles are popped. The more bubbles you pop with a single shot the more points you get. There is also the option to swap bubble colors by clicking on the bubble launcher. If players run out of bubbles, they can either replay the level or purchase extra bubbles.

Panda Pop immerses players in over 1000 levels with challenging obstacles and extensive and complex story mode. There is an amazing arsenal of power-ups and combos to help you out and special features to boost your bubble.

Eeny, meenie, miny, moe

The fun and intuitive controls that go with Panda Pop is something that will instantly catch your mind. If you are a fan of Puzzle Bobble, Snood or Pet Rescue Saga then you will love this game with the same intensity. You will need to work every possible way to pop the bubbles that hide the tiny little cubs. No worries, some bubble-bursting power ups are designed to make things a lot easier. Plus, using combinations of these gives you a stronger effect.

About The App

If bubble shooters with basic mechanics are your thing, this fabulous app is something that you should give a try. This is a fun and casual game that can be enjoyed by kids and adults as well. Watch the adorable animations and captivating graphics and get an amazing game experience that will keep you on your phone for many hours. You can connect to Facebook and challenge your friends as well! Give Panda Pop a try, after all it’s free to download and play. If you are interested in buying some in-game items for real money, you have that option too. Don’t think twice, download Panda Pop and plan your every pop to rescue baby pandas!


I can’t stop playing this game! The pandas are just too cute. The gameplay is addicting and fun and the overall look of the game is just great!

Cortney Futral

-Great family game that everyone in the family can enjoy. Cute enough for the kids and challenging enough for the adults. Download it people!

Catherin Navarre

-I am a fan of match-three puzzle games and this is on my Top games list. It comes with great story, great graphics and even the music is done perfectly!

Emily Rossbach

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