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Pet Rescue Saga offers a well-tuned matching experience told through a shoestring story about rescuing adorable pets. With its tried-and-tested mechanics it quickly become popular among fans of other Facebook puzzle games and skills at user acquisition and monetization will definitely make sure the game is here to stay long term.


At its core, Pet Rescue Saga is very similar to the classic puzzle game SameGame and truth be told, it’s got the same formula that has been remixed many times over the past. Players are introduced with tiles of various colors that come together with a few miscellaneous power-ups and point multiplayer. The whole idea is to tap a group of two or more colors and that way make them disappear and create a space for the other blocks to fall and squeeze in. Of course that you shouldn’t be doing that randomly, after all you have to think through about which blocks you will remove at what time so you carve out more and more space for your little pets to reach safety. The game provides hundreds of levels with diamonds, exploding bombs, locked animal cages and variety of adorable pets such as puppies, bunnies, piglets and more.

Why Is It So Good

Pet Rescue Saga may have an unoriginal game mechanics, but the way the game is presented and “served”, it is for sure player-friendly. Although the option to pay and have a better gaming experience does exist, you never get that feeling that you are forced to do so, at least not until you reach a very difficult level and you are out of lives. There are social features as well that only add up to the whole great gaming experience. Leaderboards are always a good way to engage in a friendly competition. The graphics and the audio are top notch and it’s safe to say that we didn’t expect anything less from that are known for delivering games with great visuals.

About The App

All in all, Pet Rescue Saga is a great addition to the’s lineup. Unlike many other puzzle games, this one actually involves solving a legitimate puzzle. Since its release it has been updated every month with more and more levels and will kill more time than anyone actually has to spare. It’s addicting, colorful, and fun and if you are into challenging games you ought to try this one. All of the above makes this game such a rewarding download, so don’t wait too long to press that “Download” button!


-Such an adorable game. I enjoy playing it with my kids. It’s easy to play and pick up and it gets more and more addicting. I am sharing it with everyone!

Alyson Viviani

-So many interesting and different levels with bombs and explosions, making this game super fun and perfect for killing time. I am recommending it to my friends!

Johnette Jolin

-I love the theme of the game. All those cute little pets makes me want to play this game whenever I have free time. It’s easy, but sometimes the levels can get really difficult.

Joann Cimini

-Perfect game for everyone into matching games. Plus, the pets are too adorable not to save them. Very good visuals and music that just adds up.

Russel Kelton

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