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Since its release, Puzzle and Dragons has became a cultural phenomenon in its home country and slowly but surely made its way into the global gaming market, currently boasting a user base of 15 million players worldwide.


Puzzle and Dragons offers two types of gameplay: tile matching and a monster collecting RPG. Players create team by choosing from the over 3000 different monsters they can acquire within the game. Basically, you start off with a little monster, that can be one of five different colors representing either fire, water, wood and dark and jump into a dungeon which is a serious confrontations with the monsters that reside within. In order to attack with your monster you must match three gems that match the color of your monster and punishment will be dished out. That is the basic gameplay, but it doesn’t mean that things don’t get more complicated. Dispatched dungeon denizens sometimes drop monster eggs which eggs you collect upon completion of the dungeon. This way you are given monsters to play with and use to build a monster team of up to five. You can power up and level up monsters through fusion and evolution.
The social aspect of the game is shown through the in-game messaging and social features that will keep you active in the Puzzle and Dragons community. You can also exchange ID’s with other players and bring their monsters into your team.

Mario Version

In addition to this game, you get a stand-alone Mario version that replaces dragons with well-known Mario enemies. In this version you are told straight-away which classic Mario enemies you acquire at the end of each stage and then you can choose whether to combine them with other characters and that way power them up on your next visit to a Toad’s House.

About The App

There is a reason this game is a cultural phenomenon. It’s a mashup of genres, it’s fiendishly fun and highly addictive. It’s free to download and play and there are in-app purchases for the purpose of extending the gameplay. The visuals are done nicely with some of the monsters looking very sharp and intense. There is a background music that adds appeal to the whole gaming experience. Make sure you download Puzzle and Dragons, one of the biggest gaming success stories of the last year.


Wow, this game is amazing on so many levels! It’s tile matching and RPG! The dragon collecting part is my favorite. Great job!

Bell Ree

-I play it every day because there aren’t that many games that combine matching and combat. It’s very fresh, unique and the graphics are geat.

Guy Edmondson

Such an interesting game, I play it with my kids! The puzzle part is what makes this game teally interesting and when combined with dragons, it’s the perfect mix!

Fred Snook

Great, great game! I love how easy it is to play and yet you get that rewarding feeling that you have done something huge. Download it and you will enjoy every minute of it!

Felipe Antilla

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