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The fate of your Kingdom and army is in your arms, so be quick to join players from all over the world and download Rise of the Kings. The game was developed by ONEMT and it easily became one of the most proclaimed games in this genre. See above the fog of war and utilize strategies for lasting success.


With the help of a mighty hero and knights you can build a strong Kingdom, train a massive army with all sorts of equipment, find alliances and conquer the world with them. You can chat with people from all over the world in real time and share your thoughts and strategies. Upgrade your buildings and weapons, research advanced technologies to boost your Kingdom. Become a qualified ruler in the game and follow Top Quest to quickly develop your kingdom.

                In Rise of the Kings you can gather your old and new friends and form Alliance of determined players who are willing to work together and build and army among the finest warriors that Elves and Man have to offer. Not only will you lead your army into battle, but you will also protect them from harm and take care of them when the battle is over. Stalk the monsters that roam the land, slay them and claim their treasure. There are ruins that you can explore and Dark Guards that you will have to face down to uncover the riches. Collect food for your troops, and wood and iron to build. Danger is lurking from everywhere, but the rewards waiting for you are worth every trouble. There are tons of rewards from all sorts of events and quests.

About the App

With estimated earnings of almost 2 million USD per day, Rise of the Kings is easily one of the most loved and played games in the mobile world. The answer to the question why is it so popular comes from the fact that the graphics, animations and levels in this game are top notch. The levels do get harder, but that’s what makes this game so challenging and addicting. Download this game and join the legions of fans from all over the world and connect with Rise of the Kings and your friends on Facebook.



Great game! In my opinion, this is the best strategy game that you can find on the gaming market. Everything has been so well thought through: the army, the alliances, the enemies. I am playing it every day! Definitely worth checking out.

Rob Sands

-I play this game on daily basis and I can’t stop. So addicting, the way the game is rewarding you for you play makes you want to play it more and more.

Holley Gritton

-I love the graphics, the storyline, the features, the huge online gaming community. Hands down, my favorite game. You guys have to try it out!

Santos Lynn

-I have never been a fan of this type of games, but Rise of the Kings is an exception. The visuals are striking, the gameplay is amazing and I just can’t get enough of it.

Alfredo Kroll

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