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Rolling Sky is a simple arcade game coming from developer Cheetah Games. Don’t let that fool you, the game was Google Play Best Game of 2016. Dozens of different obstacles are waiting for you in this splendid game that’s safe for all ages. Can you keep the ball rolling and conquer the world by overcoming challenges? This is an action packed game with fun gameplay. Activate switches and think faster than you realize you can if you want to be victories in the game’s five stages. This game will test your reaction time and reflexes, so make sure your reflexes are on point!


You will be faced with the challenge of steering the ball through a winding path without hitting the obstacles in your way. Spring boards, falling sections, swinging hammers are one of the many things that will get in your way.  You control the ball by sliding a finger underneath it to guide it in the right direction. What’s really important is to keep your reflexes as fast as you can as you slide through the path and avoid all the obstacles that come along the way. The ball moves with a lightning speed and you don’t have much time to see what’s ahead of you.

There are several levels with obstacles that differ from each other in terms of difficulty and style. For example, in the first level you will be faced with few traps that are not that hard to avoid, but in the third level you will need very fast reflexes to overcome all the obstacles. The obstacles will keep you on your toes and with each level getting harder and harder will ensure you keep coming back for more. The challenge rapidly escalates and with five stages of increasing intensity you will find your muscles taught with so much tension. The best advice is to keep your eye on the ball and be prepared for anything.


One of the best features of this game are the stunning 3D visuals. As you slide through the game you will be surrounded with rich scenes that are real candy for the eye. Massif, Cosmos, Forest, Snowfield, Inferno and lot more are waiting for you to be discovered. It’s vibrant, it’s colorful and the background music makes you challenge your speed with the rhythm of music and makes the game even more exciting. Don’t It’s squared-off world design and vivid colors only add up to the overall excellent gaming experience. The amazing graphics enable you to experience the imaginary traps and barriers.

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Rolling Sky delivers a great arcade fun. It’s easy to play, free to download and that huge online base of players can’t be wrong. Make sure you download this game and dive into this fast paced game. There is rapid action and unrelenting challenges waiting for you. Don’t wait and give it a try!


It’s  a game that my whole enjoys. Nowadays, it’s so hard to find a game that’s safe for all ages, so this one is just the right one we need. It’s challenging and fun and even my youngest children love it!

Brittany J.

I love it! Not only am I having fun, but I am also improving my reflexes. A mobile game has never been so interesting to me.

Joseph D.

Very simple and easy to play and it keeps your attention. The visuals are also very good, so my overall impression of Rolling Sky is amazing.

Tonya M.

-I love how vibrant and colorful this game is! Makes me want to play it even more. It’s the perfect time killer. Download it and you won’t be sorry.

Alicia R.

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