Word Mapp – Amazing Brain Game

Word Mapp is a board game that will blow your mind. Amazing and simple at a same time.

5 stars on Play Store

Word Mapp – Amazing Brain GamePlay Store5

If you are looking for a good Board game for your mobile device this app is the right one for you. It’s called Word Mapp and it was developed by Adonis Online. This is a word search puzzle game where you can test your brain and eyes while solving fun puzzles.


Word map has 25 levels that vary in difficulty. Don’t worry, spelling words won’t be that hard, all you need to do is focus and keep an eye of the timer because you will be limited with time. The time limit is what keeps your brain alert and active. Depending on the level, the words that you will need to search will come in different length and will get more and more difficult as your progress in the game. Your eyes, brain and fingers need to be on point.  In this game you can buy coins, more time and many other features. Considering that it is a worldly popular game, Word Mapp comes in many different languages such as English, French, Russian, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch etc.

About The App

This new game already got the title “The most beautiful Board game for Android devices”. It’s challenging and it keeps your mind active. With over 2,7 millions of downloads the large base of online players keeps on growing. The average rating of the game on Google Play is 4,4 and the customer reviews are very positive. It’s a great “time killer” and it’s good for kids and adults as well. The design is done very nicely, it’s soothing for the eyes and it the right manner of puzzle games. The controls are very smooth and the app is fully functional for any Android device. It’s free to download and play and it does offer some in-app purchases, which of course are optional. Don’t hesitate to give Word Mapp a try, you won’t be disappointed. We did and we loved every bit of it!



Best brain game ever. Not too challenging, not too easy. Just the right amount of both to keep you on your phones all day. I love it!

Lisa M.

The ones into logical games are going to love Word Mapp. It’s fun, addicting and I anjoy playing it every day. Definitely worth downloading.

Phyllis D.

-I have never enjoyed a game so much as I am enjoying Word Mapp. At first I was skeptical, but since I first started playing it I got hooked! Best game ever!

David L.

I am not a fan of mobile games, but this just fits me perfectly. I am not only having fun, but I am boosting my brain as well. I feel like I am doing something very useful. Download it!

Mary N.

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