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We will never get bored of zombies and nor will developers. Zombie Frontier 3, created by Feelingtouch will meet all your needs for gritty, action oriented 3D shooter with lots of enemies to kill.


This is a shooting game that is challenging and complex offering high value and thrilling gameplay. You will be catapulted in a world ravaged by the insatiable undead. The latest installment in the popular zombie series, Zombie Frontier 3 will put you in the middle of another zombie invasion forcing you to rely on special tactics and aim to survive until the final round. Check out below why this game sets apart from the plethora of zombie shooters present on the gaming market.

The gameplay is pretty simple and it’s safe to say that there isn’t even a story. The world is infested by the devious zombies and you have to find a way to make it through. That’s when the killing starts. At first, you are given a simple gun which afterwards you can replace with more powerful weapons such as submachine guns and grenades. With each level you pass you gain experience and that way you also gain access to new weapons or weapons upgrades and that’s where the cycle closes. A little well meant advice is not to be hasty and shoot only where you are sure about your target, otherwise the evil zombies will tear you apart and eat you alive. The in-game levels are short and you can finish them quickly, but then again Zombie Frontier 3 offers tons of levels that you can play in the long run.

You can complete missions and challenges to earn gold that you can use to upgrade. There are daily and support missions that will help you get your coffers full and they will be unlocked through usual game sequence, so don’t be slacking.


Zombie Frontier 3 has a very Resident Evil feel to it and it is very challenging even for the seasoned zombie game fans! The graphics is comparatively better than its predecessors and from a general standpoint the visual experience is more than good with a good amount of blood and gore, even for the hardcore zombie fans. The locations, zombies and weapons are detailed and create a perfect picture of the zombie apocalypse. The whole game has a gloomy sense of atmosphere and the soundtrack is quite immersive as well.

About The App

Zombie Frontier 3 is a game that will be enjoyed to the fullest, not only by the action fans but everyone who is into exciting games with gripping gaming atmosphere. It comes with numerous weapons, interesting gameplay and even more zombies to kill. It’s free, it’s fun and you can play it in quick sessions and that way fuel your anti-zombie rage. It’s safe to say that zombie games are dime a dozen, but this one is a real game-changer, so download the game and swipe those zombies out!


My favorite game! I can’t stop playing it! The gameplay is so simple and yet the game is so exciting, makes my blood freeze!

Kirby Yen

-So fun, with so much blood and different weapons. The graphics are very good and the music makes the game even more exciting and scarier. I am sharing it with my friends!

Dave Wymore

-Great zombie game! There are many zombie games, but this one is the best. The sessions are quick so there is no way you will get bored.

Eddie Gutierrez

-Great action, lots of different zombies and weapons, great background music and definitely the best game in the Zombie Frontier series.

Mac Gartrell

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